WHO is Señora Wendy and
WHY Are All These Delaware Kids Speaking Spanish?


I remember the precise moment in 2010 when I said to my husband “I have this idea, I know it sounds crazy but…”. There it began. The spark that ignited how Spanish should really be taught to children. My expertise as an entrepreneur allowed me to form Chiquitots with little capital and a big dream. My profession as a graphic designer and advertiser lent itself to create its branding, marketing, design, and social media via Facebook and Twitter. My passion as a mom wanting children to have a head start while raising the standard of education in our State, took care of the rest.

What qualified me to create this method, much less teach it? I am a native speaker courtesy of my mother, a true Madrileña from Madrid, Spain. I remember every detail of my childhood acquiring Spanish as a second language in this Country, including its process… and obstacles. After I realized my pitfalls, I had a second chance with my daughter’s Spanish education. I researched methods online and sat in on local Spanish classes. I drew seeds of inspiration from the teachings of Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. Paul Pimsleur and Ana Lomba. I came to the conclusion there was a common flaw with how most Spanish is being taught to our children: A lack of children physically SPEAKING the target language.

I have a distinct advantage because I acquired a second language in virtually the same environment as children are acquiring it today, and apply it daily to our teaching methods. I’ve made amazing discoveries researching, observing, and actively teaching that continually improve our program. I hope my posts will inspire others to look at how language is being taught in this Country in a dramatically different way. Shall we begin with my first post?


Wendy V. Ash
escríbenos: info@chiquitots.com